6 years old part 3 (The unknown)

With his eyes closed not knowing what’s going happen, Little jay spoke out “is my mom coming home?” Cousin Jake replied with a stuttering voice “oh yeah she should be on her way home in a bit.” Jay had no response, a second later jay felt cousin Jake climb on top of him. Cousin Jake sat on jay Naked back side with his penis in his hand rubbing it against jays bottom. Little jay had know idea what cousin Jake was doing, all he felt was cousin Jake rubbing and slapping his bottom. After a while of slapping, rubbing and grinding on little jay, cousin Jake begins to masturbate with his right hand and gently massages jay bottom with his left hand. Eyes still shut and confused little jay is wondering what is cousin Jake doing? Why is he making me shake?, jay is hearing cousin Jake moan and felt him gripping a bit tight on his bottom. Jay felt a little more pressure, this time he was feeling his bottom being spread apart with cousin Jakes hands. Little Jay screamed out “Ahh that hurts” Cousin Jake replied “oh sorry didn’t mean to rub so hard,” as he gently rubs his hands between jays two bottom cheeks. No sound from Jay, Cousin Jake continues masturbating and rubbing his left hand between jays bottom cheeks moaning even more aggressively. Jay helplessly pin to the bed face down, felt cousin Jake push down a little and beginning to accelerate with his shaking. Still mind bottled on what cousin Jake is doing on top him, jay grasp tightly on the sheets on the bed from the aggressiveness he was feeling from cousin Jake. Cousin Jake softly tells jay “ah damn don’t move” accelerating with his shaking from his masturbation. “ok” Little jay replied with a trembling voice from the shaking, cousin Jake begins to moan out loudly as he begins to ejaculate between little jays two bottom cheeks that he had spread apart with his left hand. “ahh shit, damn cuz” little jay heard cousin Jake yell out, Little jay flinched a bit cause he felt a warm like liquid sprout out on his back and between his two bottom cheeks. “what was that cousin Jake?” replied jay still laying stomach flat on the bed, “nothing I’m almost done let me wipe you off” cousin Jake said moaning at the same time finishing up by shaking the remaining of his sperm on too jays bottom. Jay had no clue what that warm liquid like substance was or what cousin Jake was doing he was glad it was over. When cousin Jake finished wiping little jay off, he help him get of the bed and told him to put back his clothes. Jay got dressed and before he went to the living to watch cartoons some more he look at cousin Jake and said “what was that stuff you poured on me it was warm?” pulling his underwear and pants back up cousin Jake replied “don’t worry about it go back to watching cartoons, you want some chips and cookies?” Jay instantly said yes still not knowing what that UNKOWN warm like liquid substance was that sprouted out him. Cousin Jake didn’t have to worry about little jay saying anything to his mom about what happen cause little jay doesn’t know what cousin Jake was doing and was afraid to say anything, so little jay never spoke of it to no one. When jay got enough to understand and did some research, he found out that the warm like liquid substance was cousin Jakes (sperm) THE UNKNOWN!

6 years old (part 2)explicit

Watching cartoons on the couch with his bowl of cereal, jay glances at his mom and trey as they get ready for the doctor. while everyone waits for cousin Jake to arrive jay is still not to happy about being babysat, but he’s got to accept it. (door bell rings) mom gets the door and its cousin Jake, “hey there” cousin Jake said to the twins. Trey runs up to cousin Jake and gives him a great big hug, ” hey cousin” Trey replied. Jay mugged cousin Jake and said ” hi” and turned around to continue to watch cartoons. Cousin Jake chuckled and started to talk to the twins mom. “So you guys wont be long right?” said cousin Jake, the twins moms headed to the door and said ” oh no sweetie, just a few hours.” Cousin Jake nodded his headed quickly and said ” ok cool no problem”, the twins mom spoke out to jay and said ” you better be good jay and listen to your cousin”, jay replied “yes mom I love u” “I love you too jay see you all later” the twins mom replied as she closes the door. Jay continues to watch his cartoons as cousin Jake wonders the house looking around playing music on the stereo. A little time goes by… cousin Jake walks out of the bedroom to the living room to check on jay, ” you alright lil cuz” “yes I’m thirsty” jay replied. “ok cool going to get you some juice” cousin Jake said. When jay received his cup of juice, cousin Jake said “when you finish your juice jay come in the room.” without the fear in his breath little jay said “ok cousin I’m coming.” Jay gets off the couch and heads in the bedroom with cousin Jake, “yes cousin” jay said to cousin Jake. it was dark in the room and nothing but the tv on, “sit right here on the bed” cousin Jake demanded from little jay. Jay sits on the edge the bed and as he does he lifts up his head and cousin Jake steps in front of him pulls his pants down but leaves his underwear on. Jay still not understanding what’s going on, cousin Jake pulls out his penis thru a slit on his underwear and said “open your mouth” looking confused at cousin Jake, “what am I doing?” replied Jay. Cousin Jake places his left hand on the back of jays small head takes his right and grabs his penis and puts in jays mouth. when about 10 seconds passed cousin Jake takes his penis out of jays mouth and said “hold your mouth open and don’t close it.” Jay helpless without knowing why this is happening and wanting to say no but he knows he only 6. Jay listen to cousin Jake and open his mouth as wide as his small mouth could, “good” cousin Jake said softly as he make dance like moves with his lower body while his penis is going in and out of jays mouth. Gagging helplessly, little jay pulls away and start choking and spitting on the floor, “you ok?” cousin Jake said with no soul. With no reply jay sits back and wipe his mouth with his shirt, looks up at cousin Jake and say “my mouth hurts are you going to do it again?” Cousin Jake stands there stroking his penis eye raping little jay, “umm ok well let me just do one more thing and we going to be finish.” Jay helplessly without any other choice said “ok what do I have to do?”, cousin Jake moans softly while rubbing his penis and his nipple and says “take your clothes off and lay flat on your stomach on the bed.” Little jay summits to the demands and lay stomach flat on the bed. Jay has know idea what’s going to happen next, he just closes his eyes and waited. To Be Continued…



You look in the mirror or everyday you tell yourself its only one me and no one is going to stop my money flow or what the case may be you have in your head that you are who you are and you know yourself. Now think about this…. when you go to work and your at work (police, hospital, mc Donald’s, etc.) … WHO ARE YOU?

6 years old (part 1)

Jay and Trey where fraternal twins and trey was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was born. Trey has been hospitalized ever since. At one point trey was well enough to come home and be with his twin and the rest of the family. Jay and Trey’s birthday came around and they turned six years old. Trey wanted to go to school like his twin jay but his mother told him he has to get a physical done and needs doctors approval to go to school with his medicine bag, jay thought it was a good idea for his twin to join him in school. So jay asked his mother to get the approval from treys doctor so he could attend school. The twins mom told the boys ” I still have to take him for a physical and if I do then jay you have to stay home today” jay replied “but whos gonna watch me?”. The mom got on the phone and called a family member of ours (cousin Jake) he’s 18 years old and was loved by the family greatly. Cousin Jake was more than happy too babysit jay while trey goes to get the physical done and the doctors approval but jay insisted to be left home and said that he can babysit himself with the help of the fireman next door to where they lived. The mom laughed and said ” real cute boy but your cousin Jake is on his way and you better listen too him!” Jay pouted but had to accept it. Meanwhile waiting for cousin Jake, The mom and trey are preparing to leave and jay fixes a bowl of cereal and sit on the couch and watches cartoon. To Be Continued…