They say population control.. But yet pass Bill’s to stop ABORTIONS💥


American dream

Every morning is the same routine. Wake up, brush my teeth and wash face iron my work clothes and sip on store bought coffee. By 830 I’m out the door in the traffic I go, rush hour and radio news is my go2. I cuss and fuss cause I have bad road rage, I stop at a gas station to get a few things to get thru the day. Ignoring my nagging boss who yells in my left ear as in sit in my boring cubicle watching the clock turn from 9:10 to 9:11 wishing it was already 5:00 PM. Time flys when you have nothing to do, clock out and stop by a grocery store to get a few things to tuggle with dinner. At last I’m home to my 4 bedroom house with all my favorite amenities, and that’s when it hit me BOOM My real home which is REALITY, I spent all my adult life chasing that American dream and i have no one to share it with!

Hot or cold

My body had an vehement moment, passionately waiting for sensational cool breeze. Feeling fervid my mind begins to unravel stormy thoughts of a winter blitz. Furious I tell you but I’m too full-hearted to be violent. Enraged soul searching for that animated cooldown, inflamed veins begins to sizzle with a roused redness. What am i feeling?!

Call of the wild

Close your eyes, breath in and out. Smell the natural scent of the 75 degrees of mid spring-summer time. Open your ears and hear the woodpecker hammer against that tree. Spread your arms and hands out and fell the flourish wind flow between those fingers. Open your mouth and call out too the Wild!

I can’t  see

Foggy, unsighted buried in darkness, how am I blind if I just opened my eyes? Oblivious, neglectful of my memory before the darkness appeared I just cant see. Hasty, vision still at blurr with a coat dark shade, impassible thoughts begins to get secluded with nowhere to disperse. Where am i?!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was right, us as humans can make a difference if we all come together as one. We bleed the same blood just because your skin is a different color doesn’t mean you dont have a part in changing the world. As long as you take a breath in this world you have a role. An important one at that. Make a difference within yourself and I bet you will make a difference within the next person. It’s a chain reaction. (WE ARE THE WORLD)- MICHAEL JACKSON